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Gives Free Smile Makeover

October is patient appreciation month and Mrs. Karen Purselley is our patient.October is patient appreciation month at Implants & Oral Surgery – the office of Drs. Diana Lois and Eduardo Humes. During this time, the practice takes a special look at giving back to the local community.

It would be easy to donate money and sponsor events, like we usually do. However, we wanted to give of our time, efforts and expertise. We know that it is a privilege for us to take care of our community. Moreover, we wanted to positively impact someone’s life, who also works daily in helping others. For us, Mrs. Karen Purselley was just that individual.

This 57 year old hard working lady is a volunteer at People Helping People in Granbury, TX. She is married to a disabled cancer survivor. Mrs. Purselley holds back the tears when she discusses her “hard life” and the many storms she has weathered, including the loss of her daughter in 2002, and mother in 2011. She never expected anyone to help her and says, “If it wasn’t for bad luck, I wouldn’t have any luck.” She had many failing, missing and painful teeth. For her, she only has one desire: to have nice teeth and to eat properly.

Recently, Mrs. Purselley underwent surgery with sedation. She had all remaining teeth extracted and had immediate dental implants placed, with a fixed bridge attached to her upper and lower jaw. Her restorative stage was done by Dr. Joel Martin of Granbury. A few months later, she had both Botox and Restylane facial injections to rejuvenate her face. As the pictures attest, she has undergone an oral and facial makeover!

We want to demonstrate how we can help people, like this wonderful lady, with similar needs, who may not even know what options are available to them. For people who may feel that they have hopeless teeth, advanced gum disease, or in need of facial rejuvenation, Implants & Oral Surgery is truly dedicated to ensure that the latest and best are available to the entire community of Fort Worth, Granbury and the surrounding cities.

Karen After the Oral and Facial Makeover!

Karen's new smile

Karen Before the Oral and Facial Makeover