Tibia Bone Harvest

Relative Indications:
• Insufficient bone in the upper or lower jaw
• Patient desires his/her own bone
• Sinuses have become enlarged, reducing space for implants
• Trauma to affected jaw bone requiring reconstruction
• Cysts or tumors in affected jaw bone requiring reconstruction

• Relatively time and cost effective
• In-office/outpatient procedure
• Low morbidity – safe
• Yields significant amount of bone for reconstruction
• Provides cells that are found to grow and regenerate bone

Post-Operative Instructions for Tibia Graft Surgery

  • Take Motrin & Norco together for the first 2 days.  Alternate on day 3;  then switch solely to Motrin if needed.
  • Continue antibiotics until they are all gone.
  • Do NOT get knee dressing wet
  • We will remove knee dressing in 1 week to 10 days
  • Apply ice to knee 20 minutes on/20 minutes off for 2 days only
  • NO walking for 24 hours;  then walk with caution & assistance for 1 week deliberately
  • The tibia graft site may be sore for up to 2 weeks.