If you require bone grafting for your dental treatment, you may be eligible for a tibia bone harvest. This treatment removes a small portion of bone from your tibia (shinbone) to use as graft material for your dental treatment and has a higher chance of success because the replacement tissue is taken from your own body.


Tibia bone harvest may be recommended when:

  • You have insufficient bone in the upper or lower jaw
  • The patient desires the use of their own bone tissue
  • The sinuses have become enlarged, reducing space for implants
  • There has been trauma to affected jawbone
  • There are cysts or tumors in the affected jawbone

The advantages of tibia bone harvest are:

  • Time and cost effective
  • It is an in-office/outpatient procedure
  • It is safe
  • Yields more bone for use during reconstruction treatment
  • Provides cells that help grow and regenerate bone

Post-Operative Instructions for Tibia Graft Surgery


  • Take Motrin and Norco together for the first two days. Alternate on day three, then switch solely to Motrin if needed.
  • Continue antibiotics until they are all gone.
  • Do NOT get knee dressing wet
  • We will remove knee dressing in one week to 10 days
  • Apply ice to knee 20 minutes on/20 minutes off for two days only
  • NO walking for 24 hours, then walk with caution and assistance for one week deliberately
  • The tibia graft site may be sore for up to two weeks.


If you have any questions about tibia bone grafting in Fort Worth and Granbury, Texas, we invite you to call Implants and Oral Surgery PC and schedule an appointment with our oral surgeons, Dr. Eduardo Humes or Dr. Diana Reyes Lois.