Dr. Eduardo Humes and Dr. Diana Reyes Lois can identify and treat oral and facial cysts and tumors. These conditions may exist within the jaw, around the teeth or in the structure of your face.

Cysts and tumors are often asymptomatic (having no symptoms) until later in their development, at which point they can cause severe discomfort and damage to the soft and hard tissues of your mouth, throat or head.

If we suspect that you may have a developing lesion caused by a cyst or tumor, our experienced team will conduct a biopsy to remove a small portion of tissue to be sent to a lab for testing. This allows our team to check for infection, disease or other abnormalities within your mouth.

The results of this report will be discussed with you and measures will be taken to ensure you are receiving the treatment that you need to help keep your mouth and body healthy.

If you would like to learn more about oral and facial cysts and tumors in Fort Worth and Granbury, Texas, and how they can affect your oral health, we invite you to call Implants and Oral Surgery PC today and schedule an appointment at our office.